▪ Hello! My name is Henriette Nerland, and I am a Clinical nutritionist, Personal trainer and a Health coach. For 13 years now I have been assisting clients in losing weight. It has been people losing less than 10 kg, and it has been over 40 kg.

▪ My intention is to help people to increase their quality of life by giving them the neccasary support and motivation to lose weight that last for a lifetime and getting a fit body, by implementing 3 neccasary factors: regular training, healthy nutrition and a great mindset.

▪ I have always been interested in having a good health, and keeping my body fit. I have always had a strong interest in health, training, nutrition and personal development and how we can use our mind to create whatever we want. I could not imagine a better way of living than helping people to gain more satisfaction and joy by losing the weight which has been bothering them for years and years. And finally they are able to get the assistance and knowledge that help them lose the ecessive weight and keep it off forever. It is so rewarding for me when people I help reach their goals and finally get the fit body they have been dreaming about.

▪ This website is dedicated to helping people achieve their weight loss goals. So if you would like to know how to achieve a weight loss and a fit body that lasts your lifetime, feel free to dive into this webpage and see how you can be 6 kg’s lighter in just 12 weeks, by looking at my PROGRAM: 12 weeks to a SUPERFIT BODY! And feel free to get in touch with me using my Contact page. If you want to book a coaching to assist you on the program, which is performed by phone, online or live. So feel free to get in contact with me to get the DREAM BODY of your LIFE 🙂

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