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If you want to have Coaching sessions in addition to the 12 Week weight-loss program, they can be performed by phone, online and in person.


    • Individual sessions 690,- NOK (Norwegian kroner)
    • 3 sessions 1860,- NOK  (Is 620,- NOK per hour. You save totally 210,- NOK)
    • 6 sessions 3590,- NOK (Is 598,- NOK per hour. You save totally 550,- NOK)
    • 10 sessions 5590,- NOK (Is 559,- NOK per hour. You save totally 1 310,- NOK)
    • 15 sessions 7490,- NOK (Is 499,- NOK per hour. You save totally 2 860,- NOK)

Perform booking of coaching sessions by, or get in contact with me for other reasons (for example if you need the Strength training dumbbells):

  • Sending an e-mail to:
  • Sending a message on facebook messenger: Henriette Nerland
  • Call the phone: 004791156051, between 10.00 am- 4.00 pm on weekdays


The address for live private coachings:
Møllergata 38A
0179 Oslo