How to lose weight through the 12 Week Program to A SUPERFIT BODY!


You will be highly supported to LOSE WEIGHT and to TONE YOUR BODY by this guide, and it is specialized to keep your motivation on top by keeping the goal of your DREAMBODY close to mind, and by keeping a slightly pressure by knowing that you will take photos of your body to see the progression every month. If you simply follow the instructions provided, you will be able to optimize your weight loss. You have nothing else to lose than kg’s, and everything to win in becoming more satisfied with yourself. You will be a person who takes responsibility for your health and your happiness. You will be more satisfied with your body and feel more sexy and confident. And I guess you would love to be more satisfied with the way the clothes will fit your slim fit body again!


Weight loss

This “12 Week Guide to A SUPERFIT BODY!” will provide you with the information on what to specifically do to lose weight and gain muscle tone in the body. This will give you a weight loss of average 2,0 kg each month, and you continue this journey and new lifestyle until you have reached the body of your dreams. This is the great start you need to be on your way to a happy healthier life in great shape.


The training will be specialized to burn fat, so the fat stores decreases each day. You will have specifically strategies on how to work out to grow lean toned muscles, and these muscles will show when you have lost the necessary layer of fat, that might cover them now. So you will not only lose weight, but also tighten up and get fit body!

I have figured out the minimum level og activity for you to be able to have a busy life with a family and work, at the same time as you work on your body. This minimum level of activity will help you to sustain your weight loss for the rest of your lifetime!


The nutritional information is easy to follow, the food is tasty and it has a high nutritional content which is taking care of your body to keep it energized, healthy and functional on all levels. You will get 2 meal-plans; one for your semi-fasting day and one for the other six days of the week. The first one has measures, and the calorie content is calculated. The regular meal-plan does not have the calorie content calculated, but you will easily find the right amount of food, by using your hand and you might be using a plate with the right size to make it easier. This makes the eating not strict, and if you have had a tendency to have an eating-disorder, this can help you become more comfortable with eating. Eating will be easy and you will feel that nutrition is a blessing.


Our mind creates our world! Our mind also creates our weight and the shape of our body. So if your mind says; “Oh my God, my tummy is so big and ugly” that is literally calling that into existence, and you will keep both the tummy and a low self esteem further on into the future. Your self esteem is determined by the way you think and talk about yourself. If you criticize yourself you will feel bad, and you will create a world where you do not feel good enough, where you feel insecure and not powerful and great! Because you are worthy, you are GREAT! So now it is time to change your self talk to be more supporting and to be empowering to you. You need to talk out loud, or else your mind will just wander off. So do exactly as I tell you, and watch your world create itself to a good and supporting place to  stay.

We will also use the body to reinforce the good feelings you want to have in your body when you are talking out loud. Your body is a very powerful tool to create good feelings, so just do this and be amazed about the results you get on losing weight. Supportive body language can be; smiling, nodding, take deep breaths, have a good bodily posture, laugh, dance, to be aware and to push your arm up while you say YESSS!

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Best Regards your personal Clinical nutritionist, Personal trainer and Health coach

Henriette K. Nerland

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