12 Week Written Guide to A SUPERFIT BODY!

12 Week Written Guide to A SUPERFIT BODY! 

  • For you who would like to have just one WRITTEN GUIDE, and not a program with both a written Guide and videos that show you how to train, eat and think.

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For only 190 NOK/Norwegian kroner (23,18 USD/US dollars) you get this written guide today!

This is the perfect written Guide for you who wants to lose weight, do not have healthy habits of training and nutrition, and gradually want to introduce one new habit every week. The guide which will provide you with the week by week information on what to concrete do to lose 0.5 kg each week. The written Guide contains:

  1. TRAINING: I will easy help you to implement home-training on a regular weekly basis.
  2. NUTRITION: I will give you instructions for how to eat at the regular days of the week, and instructions for how to have a fastingday where you only eat 1/4 of what you normally eat which will make you lose 0,5 kg every week
  3. MINDSET: It is highly specialised to keep your motivation on top by keeping your goal close to mind. I will show you a supporting mindset which will make you lose weight and at the same time grow yourself 🙂

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So now it is decision-making time; you can either choose to:

    1. Go on like before and try to lose weight on your own, and most probably have the same weight in 12 weeks, or you can make a life-changing choice to
    2. Get this Guide for 190 NOK/Norwegian kroner (23,18 USD/US dollars) NOW and lose weight and become satisfied with the way the clothes fit your slim fit body again, by clicking the yellow button